Construction Phase
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Construction Phase

Turnkey Buildout Management

Manage the buildout process, reducing owner risk. Manage all vendors from architect to general contractor to inspectors.

Master Construction Schedules

Coordinate client and contractor schedules along with other work on site.

Contractor Review/Selection

Level all bids, review gaps in scope and compare with all bids for best selection of vendors.

Coordination with PM Group

Update client team regularly with schedule changes and additions to keep work running smoothly when multiple vendors involved.

Tenant Coordination/Buildout

Work with tenants to connect to building services such as power connection and fire safety.

Weekly Meeting Minutes

Maintain record of meeting agendas and important items to be distributed to vendors and construction team members.

Submittal Review/Product Selection

Confirm and/or consult on selected items from architectural team.

Cash Flow Review/Updates

Maintain updated budgets and expenses on monthly basis for duration of project.

Outside Vendor Coordination

Maintain master calendar with construction schedule and distribute to vendors on project.

Change Order Review/Analysis

Review requested change orders and approve or deny dependent on budget and circumstance.

Contract Preparation

Prepare AIA or client contract to include scope including drawings and schedule.

Abatement Management

Advise and set up testing of possible ACM materials. Update client with status and of compliance issues with state laws.